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Celebrating The Small Wins

Head down and plow through the noise.

There comes a point when the “wins” become smaller and smaller. You’re not hitting huge PRs every week. If you’re not paying attention, your progress becomes *almost* unnoticeable.

This is when you have to really lean into 3 steps:

1. Trusting the process

2. Giving your best effort

3. Choosing the best attitude

A month ago I did a 10:00 max calories on the Assault Bike (aka death). If you have never tested this before, I highly suggest it.

This is a very tough test of mental toughness and physical pain tolerance. When I first did it, I got 138.2 cal with an average of 61 RPM. My goal this time was to average 62 rpm. I ended up getting 140.6 cal.

A 2.4 calorie difference.

This may not seem like much, but to me this was a huge win. 1. I trusted that the work I had been putting in across the last several week would help me get a better score.

2. I gave full effort on something that would be very tough and realistically may not even improve.

3. Finally, when I did improve I chose to see this improvement as a win, period.

I didn't write it off as a small, insignificant change.

No matter the day or the goal, think about how to embrace these 3 steps. Even on the days where you don't think there is any progress or improvement, look deeper and

Keep plowing.

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